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Insurance Solutions

St. Johns Asset Management has relationships with dozens of insurance companies with no primary relationships. All too often consumers are forced to purchase insurance products based on not being offered but a single insurance carrier by an insurance salesperson. We have the necessary experience and industry knowledge to help choose the right carrier for you, based on your particular needs. We choose high-rated and financially stable companies to help ensure the needs of our clients are met when needed most.

Disability Income Insurance

  • Choosing a disability insurance product should be based on your occupation and protection needs. It should not be sold to a consumer based on the primary relationship that any particular agent has. At St. Johns Asset Management, we pride ourselves in our knowledge of each individual disability income contract and in choosing the right contract for you based on your particular occupation and protection needs.

Life Insurance

  • Term life insurance
  • Whole life insurance
    Through both stock and mutual companies to help ensure financial stability and reach goals.

Long Term Care Insurance

  • Lump-sum and monthly payment options.
  • Indemnity contracts available with no proof of expenses or receipts to receive benefit.